The new deep.

Today is a new deep. When I think of all those different times When I followed and followed, What if I had stopped. But then I was too scared. So, what happened now? You are no more scared or are you just too tired to get scared. Something is changing, within-outside- around. Waiting.

And that’s it!

So it has been 7 long years my liaison with Citi and it is ending! Ending now… week, month after……….. It feels like the morning when you are lying awake in a fuzzy state trying to catch the alarm’s first quaint beep to shut it down, and then get startled when it finally does beep. … Continue reading

In the mood for symphonies…..

It was an ethereal evening yesterday to say the least. As my Facebook status reads: “Finally one item off my bucket list – “yesterday was an ethereal rendezvous with music at Chicago Symphony Orchestra and a heavy feeling of self limitation to understand the pain and intricacies of the chords when Yo Yo Ma and Esa Pekka … Continue reading